Bold Vision for Higher Education

Bonds of Union has developed a transformative new vision for higher education that would orient teaching, learning, and research around the practical act of solving complex problems.

Reimagine interdisciplinary Learning in higher education Higher Education As Problem Solving

Faculty and student engagement would centre around the act of practical problem solving. Structuring teaching and research around a given, well-defined problem can yield transformative innovations. It is in the passionate pursuit of addressing a given problem that students experience true interdisciplinary research and teaching. This innovative model for the future of higher education provides an opportunity for students to both engage around the issues they care about and make original contributions to research and practice.

Students, Faculty From Multiple Disciplines Work Collaboratively

Students will have an opportunity to take courses around a given problem/challenge as a part of a cohort that includes students from multiple disciplines and schools to contribute to the design, development, and implementation of a discreet, high impact intuitive.

University of Cincinnati

An Urban Innovation Lab designed to leverage its geographic location as a urban mid-south city that is proximate to the most persistent social challenges facing low-income, minority majority communities in the US.


Presented to: Navile Pinto, Board Chair Rob Richardson,

University of Washington

Presentation to UW leadership on leveraging the Bonds of Union vision for teaching, learning, and research focused on the practical act of problem solving.


Presented to: President Ana Mari Cauce, Dean and Provost Ed Taylor, Dean Renee Cheng, Senior VP Mary Gresch, Derek Fulwiler

Reimagining Interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and research in Higher Education University Centers and Labs as opportunities to structure focused directed development of a given critical challenge facing our communities, cities, and the planet.

Reimagining Interdicciplinary teaching, learning, and research in Higher Education