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What is the current source of innovative ideas to address the most persistent social and economic challenges facing our community, city, country,, and even the planet?
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Goal is to support universities to reorient the university toward solving important challenges facing our cities, country and the world.

Transform the traditional model of how teaching, learning, and research have long been structured and understood.

We lack a system to generate breakthrough innovations to address our most persistent challenges across a number of sectors. In k-12 education, environmental justice, ____, etc. we don’t have the structured, disciplined R&D infrastructure to solve these problems at scale.

Bonds of Union is an organisation designed to serve as an innovation engine to address the complex, interdisciplinary challenges that face our highest need communities and maintain the health of our democracy. Our vision is based on our optimism and promise of the American higher education system to serve as the institutional vehicle to realise this critical role in our society.
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In our highest-need communities and regions, key social and economic challenges too often remain beyond the capacity of government, nonprofit, and for-profit institutions to solve at scale. WHY?

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Because as a society we lack structured, disciplined ways to develop and test new innovative ideas to address challenges in love-income communities. Modern institutions tend to draw inflexible distinctions between research, development, and implementation. Our nation’s inability to overcome certain enduring challenges reflets the limitation of this approach to problem solving. Unlike most technical and scientific problems, social and economic challenges affecting vulnerable communities are often shaped by complex human factors that do not lend themselves to solutions conceived under a traditional R&D model.