We aim to carry out innovative, high-impact initiatives that propel every child and family to thrive and uplift every neighborhood to serve as a hub of opportunity.
2Bloom is an innovative, multi-generational support model that is designed to uplift the child, head of household, and family.
2Bloom’s unique, “whole family” approach to service delivery centers on the integrated coordination of family- and student-centered support. To drive results, our model offers a team of advocates who: (1) understand the complex, holistic needs and strengths of a given child and family, and (2) ensure that community- and school-based partners work together purposefully to help improve key, long-term outcomes for students, heads of household, and families. Our hope is to engineer a new and enduring social support system that facilitates nurturing, interpersonal relationships, creates opportunity, and allows young people and households to flourish.
In year one, 2Bloom will serve children and families in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Bond Hill, in close collaboration with Bond Hill Academy. 2Bloom provides three integrated strands of intensive, family- and student-centered initiatives:
Family-Centered Support


Approximately three out of every four African-American children under the age of six live in poverty in Cincinnati. Nearly half of all children citywide live in families whose household income is below the federal poverty line. Cincinnati, like many cities and towns throughout the region, has long struggled to lift its most vulnerable children and families out of these difficult social and economic conditions. Too often, efforts designed to improve outcomes in low-income communities fail to appreciate the complex, wide-ranging circumstances that contribute to and exacerbate family hardship. In certain instances, our highest-need children and families require more consistent, intensive support to overcome persistent challenges and achieve their long-term goals and aspirations.

Family-Centered Case Management

Our Vision

Research has long shown that when the head of household thrives, the entire family thrives – and that when the family unit is strong, a child is much more likely to realize his or her academic potential. 2Bloom’s Family Empowerment Coordinator serves as a caring, supportive adult who works closely with the head of household to help her address the specific, holistic needs of her family. At the same time, this coordinator communicates regularly with our school-based Student Success Advocate, who collaborates with teachers, staff, and relevant, in-school providers to address the individualized needs of the child. Together, our team: (a) supports the head of household in her efforts to increase the academic and social-emotional well-being of her child(ren), and (b) coordinates the delivery of holistic services for a given child, head of household, and family to uplift the entire household.

Key Features of 2Bloom Case Management

Our Family Empowerment Coordinator works closely with the head of household (HOH) to address the interconnected, wide-ranging needs of the child, HOH, and family unit.
We provide compassionate support characterized by consistent, frequent, and flexible contact with the head of household and family in the home, school, and community.
We tailor our support to meet the unique needs, strengths, and circumstances of a given child and family. Together, we develop actionable strategies to achieve family goals and strengthen outcomes.
Our team makes a long-term, multi-year commitment to the families we serve, recognizing the importance of 1:1 relationship building to drive meaningful change.

Family Advocate Model

Our Vision

The Family Advocate Model is rooted in the fundamental idea that long-term, family-to-child mentoring relationships with caring adults are key to transforming the life of a child. Our team matches a selected child with a Family Advocate, a Cincinnati-area family (with a child at/near the same grade-level) who serves as a compassionate advocate and support system for this young person throughout his or her childhood. In ways both big and small, Family Advocates facilitate meaningful life experiences, open doors and create opportunities, and help to ensure that children reach important, age-specific milestones. Through our efforts, we aspire to uplift our community, cultivate shared empathy and understanding, and create opportunity – one child and family at a time.

Building the Social Infrastructure to Support Meaningful, Long-Term Relationships

Our team aims to create the infrastructure and support systems to allow Family Advocate (FAM) relationships to develop and flourish over time. There is no blueprint for successful family-to-child mentoring. We know that the character of each relationship will look different depending on the specific circumstances and interests of a given family and child. With this in mind, our team strives to provide FAMs with the individualized support necessary to help these relationships to thrive. As part of this effort, we also cultivate small groups of Family Advocates, participating children, and their families that join together to form a larger network of families across the city. These groups serve as supportive communities where FAMs can attend organized, family-friendly events, share best practice, ideas, and resources, and forge lasting, new friendships.

Student-Centered Support


Over the past three decades, the achievement gap between children from low-income and high-income families has increased by approximately 40%. Significant educational challenges persist among the lowest academic achievers in Cincinnati Public Schools. This diverse student population typically includes high-need, low-income students and “difficult to reach” youth who may be multiple grade levels behind their peers in one or more core subject areas. Too often, this group of students is treated merely as a liability to be managed, rather than as children with individual hopes and dreams who like all other kids merely want the opportunity to succeed academically and realize their full potential. The tools available in today’s education sector fail to engage low-performing students in authentically individualized instruction and facilitate deep conceptual understanding.


Our Vision

Ascend is an innovative, learning initiative that is designed to dramatically improve outcomes among low-performing students. Through the use of live, 1:1 video conferencing technology, Ascend aims to reimagine the paradigm of teaching and learning for our highest-need youth. Selected students will receive 1:1, outcome-driven instruction in Mathematics during the school day, over a multi-year period, from a core of highly-trained Learning Coaches. If successful, Ascend will yield accelerated academic and social-emotional growth for participating children – propelling them on an upward educational trajectory and renewing their faith in what the future holds.

What We Do

  • Beginning in grades four and five, selected students participate regularly in live, online learning sessions with a highly-trained Learning Coach.

  • Each session takes place in an immersive, in-school learning station, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that is intuitive and engaging.

  • Students and Learning Coaches work together on curriculum in Mathematics, individualized  to student needs, that fosters a growth mindset culture

  • Our on-site Student Success Advocate works closely with teachers, administrators, and  Learning Coaches to manage the program’s day-to-day operations.

What Makes Ascend Different?

Rigorous Training
The use of rigorous, strategic training is key to our success. Our team trains Learning Coaches through live, “in-the-moment” feedback, collaborative data analysis sessions, and planning meetings to optimize student learning.
Individualizing Learning as a Practice, Not a Product
Rooted in our research-driven approach to curriculum, Learning Coaches facilitate the development of a growth mindset culture, setting the tone for individualized math content that challenges students to think creatively, flexibly, and conceptually about numbers like true mathematicians.
Meaningful, Interpersonal Relationships That Build Self-Worth & Confidence
Transformative learning begins with the development of meaningful, interpersonal relationships. Through our thoughtful, data-driven matching of caring adults to students, we aim to build relationships that can break through the social-emotional barriers that often impede student learning.
Purposeful School Integration
Our team defines purposeful integration as fostering trusting relationships and leveraging collaboration with each school with which we work (among students, Learning Coaches, classroom teachers, administrators and staff, guardians, school-based providers, and BoU).
Immersive, Engaging Technology
We strive to enhance, not replace, human connection. Students and Learning Coaches will engage via interactive, easy-to-use technology. Ascend will leverage recent advances in video collaboration technology to activate a larger, more diverse pool of adult talent, free from geographical limitations.