Bonds of Union | Cincinnati
Bonds of Union is committed to improving key, long-term outcomes for Cincinnati’s highest-need children and families.
For far too long, the city of Cincinnati has suffered from immense need. Today, nearly one in three city residents live in poverty. Cincinnati currently ranks sixth among all major U.S. cities for child poverty. The city’s infant mortality rate persists at a rate over twice the national average.
But, Cincinnati, as we know, is not defined by these statistics. It is a place of pride and identity. It is a city built on the character, tenacity, and generosity of its people — rooted in a deep and unrelenting sense of community.
Bonds of Union is unwavering in its commitment to increase opportunity and improve outcomes for all of Cincinnati’s young people. Through our efforts, we are determined to uplift our children, our families, and our neighborhoods. Our team offers a bold vision that is based on our fundamental faith in the goodness of people: given the chance, caring individuals will be willing to dedicate their time and energy to ensure that every child and family thrives. We aim to create an intensive, holistic support system for our highest-need households, and aspire to engage the entire Greater Cincinnati community in this mission.